Restaurants in Blackpool

Part of the allure of a romantic visit to Blackpool is that there are dozens of impressive restaurants that exude just the right mood to enhance that fuzzy warm feeling. Here are some exquisite choices for that romantic lunch or dinner.

The September Brasserie on Queen Street is probably Blackpool's most famous restaurant and a favorite haven of visiting politicians and celebrities. Under the able guidance of chef Michael Golowicz, the September Brasserie has been a permanent fixture in the Good Food Guide ever since it opened for business in 1990. They have set prices for two and three-course meals.

For a Las Vegas-flavoured restaurant, the White Tower on Ocean Boulevard is just the ticket. Located within Blackpool Pleasure Beach, White Tower gives diners an excellent view of the promenade as they enjoy modern British cuisine.

Kwizeen on King Street is relatively new but has already developed a sterling reputation for its excellent cuisine, highlighted by traditional Lancashire dishes and seafood. It is ideal for a quiet dinner for two.

The Warehouse is a bit out of the way, tucked into a small alley called Back Church Street, but it offers an intimate and elegant setting for dinner.

AJ's Bistro on Topping Street is a superb small eatery that exudes plenty of flair and serves only the finest food with the freshest ingredients. Chief Andrew Reeds has been dishing them out for over 20 years and isn't afraid to let his imagination run wild.

For a truly spectacular meal, head out to Twelve at the Marsh Mill Village beside the historic windmill. It may be out of the way in Thornton, just outside of central Blackpool, but the food here is truly a gourmet delight and highly recommended by Bib Gourmand. A former dance studio, Twelve serves traditional food with a modern twist.

For a taste of something different, Blackpool also has a host of restaurants that offer Chinese, Italian, Indian, Thai and even Afro-Carribean cuisine.

The Magic Lantern on Coronation Street is an excellent venue for authentic Chinese food. Another favourite among tourists is the Mandarin Cantonese Restaurant on Clifton Street. They have been serving Oriental cuisine for over 40 years and have captured several Gold Awards for serving the best food in the North West.

The Payathai Restaurant on St. Anne's Road is the place to visit for Thai food. This enchanting place features its very own waterfall, topped by a wooden bridge, while the staff are dressed in traditional Thai garments.

Central Blackpool boasts many curry houses for lovers of spicy Indian food. The most popular are Terry's Balti House on Clifton Street and Spice of India on Queen Street.

For exquisite Greek cuisine, head to Giggis Tavern on Church Street and expect a lot of delicious food and the traditional smashing of plates.

La Fontana Restaurant on Clifton Street is the most popular Italian Restaurant in Blackpool and the venue of choice for pizza and pasta lovers.

Party lovers will appreciate Lagoonda on Queen Street, where the atmosphere is jumping and the cuisine is unique. There's no other place for superb Afro-Caribbean dishes like fruity curry and jerk pork.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach also has its share of excellent dining venues. If American food and Tex-Mex dishes are what your heart desires, then there's no better place than Coasters American Diner.

Any visit to Blackpool would not be complete if you don't sample the seafood offerings of the locals such as chunky chips and fine battered haddock or upmarket delights such as shark steaks, king prawns and oysters. There are many great seafood restaurants around.
The Golden Mile features dozens of fish restaurants. One of the best of the lot is the world-famous Harry Ramsden's restaurant on central Promenade. Here's where you will find the very best fish and chips in all of Blackpool. It's a tourist favorite all throughout the year.

The Seniors Fish Bar and Restaurant on Normoss Road is another multi-award winning restaurant. Their menu includes a wide array of seafood dishes as well as non-seafood and vegetarian offerings. Seniors was hailed as the resort's best restaurant during the Blackpool Tourism Awards in 2001. It also ranked among the Top Ten of the Fish and Chip Shop survey in an independent newspaper in 2002.

Within Blackpool Pleasure Beach, there's The Fish Inn on Ocean Boulevard, a venue renowned for its excellent battered cod and shark steaks as well as for a number of imaginative and adventurous seafood dishes. Nearby, you will find Thor's Place, a restaurant that looks like a Viking shop and specializes in traditional British fish and chips.

The Cottage on Newhouse Road is a popular venue among tourists and locals alike, as well as among visiting celebrities. Their cod, halibut, haddock, hake and plaice are absolutely superb.

The Seafood Restaurant on Bond Street is a classic and stylish venue as well as a particular favorite of politicians who regularly converge here when party conference season comes around. They offer the very best shellfish, oysters, lobsters and traditional fish classics as well as a wide array of steaks, grills and chicken dishes.

The 130-year-old Robert's Oyster Bar on the Promenade is another popular venue for cockles, oysters and mussels.

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